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ALMI has also developed a special series of block splitters for the construction industry. These block splitters are suitable for cutting large concrete blocks, sand-lime brick blocks, and sand-lime brick elements.

Benefits of block splitters on construction

The use of block splitters in construction offers many advantages. So, no water or electricity is needed. Also, no dust is released when splitting stones, and no noise is made as with sawing. This ensures more pleasant working conditions for your employees and less nuisance. Our larger block splitters are also equipped with a lifting eye so that you can easily move them around the construction site.

View our block splitters for construction applications

Need help choosing a suitable block splitter?

Essential in your choice for the best block splitter is the type of stone you want to split and the size of the stones. Contact us to discuss your wishes and requirements so we can look for the best block splitter for your application. We are happy to help you with this.

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