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ALMI is your supply partner for metal products. Our core disciplines are engineering, tube laser cutting, manual and robot welding, machining, and assembly.

But what does our role as a chain partner entail? Thanks to the combination of activities (e.g., welding, machining, and assembly) that we offer, logistical movements and organizational or planning challenges can be reduced, and the delivery time requested by the customer can be met.

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Engineering and re-engineering are often at the beginning of the collaboration with you as a client. Our experienced engineers are happy to think with you about the manufacturability of workpieces from a production-technical, financial, and commercial perspective. We use software packages such as SolidWorks and SolidCam. View our previous engineering projects on the projects page. Would you like to know more about engineering at ALMI? Please contact us or read more on the engineering page.

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Tube lasering

ALMI is your expert in tube lasering. We use this technique for laser cutting round, square, flat oval and rectangular tubes, tubes, and profiles. Thanks to years of experience in tube lasering (since 2002), we can serve you with a wide range of requirements.

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Hand and robot welding

We are also at your service for manual and robot welding. ALMI is a pioneer in robot welding. The basis is our three robotized welding cells, also suitable for producing small series. A complete welding cell includes a handling robot with several welding robots and manipulators. On our projects page, you will find more information about the welding projects we have carried out before. See our manual and robot welding page for more details about manual or robot welding.

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Our specialty lies in products where welding operations are required, followed by machining techniques. We perform machining with 4 and 5-axis machining systems equipped with 0-point clamping system. Clamping of the molds takes place outside the machine. As a result, the changeover times are nil. This way we can carry out your order quickly and efficiently.

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ALMI has an assembly line with self-developed KanBan racks. This system allows our team to carry out your assembly work efficiently. In our assembly department, products that have been processed internally are put together. If the composite products require further processing, we take care of the chain management and outsource this to specialized parties. Consider, for example, post-treatment using spraying, powder coating, galvanizing, or blasting.

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