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Manual and robot welding for repetitive series is both possible in the ALMI machine factory. Depending on the project and the series size, we choose the technique that fits best together with you. With robot welding, we offer an extensive/large range of possibilities. Nevertheless, some projects require a human hand, and we opt for manual welding.

Robot welding by ALMI

Thanks to robot welding technology, we can deliver your products most efficiently with consistently high quality. In our machine factory, we use no less than three different welding robot cells, each with its capabilities.

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Hand welding by ALMI

For some jobs, manual welding is the best solution. Our welding specialists all have the required certificates. Our employees can weld electrically, MIG/MAG and TIG.

Would you like to know more about manual and robot welding by ALMI?

Please view the machine list for more information about the ALMI machine park in welding technology. Would you like to know more about manual and robot welding at ALMI? Please feel free to contact us. Our team of passionate welding specialists is happy to help you with all your questions.

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