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At ALMI, every Hardscaping, Landscaping, Construction and Prefab professional will find the ideal block splitter for his application. We offer various lines of block splitters suitable for, among other things, clinker bricks, tiles, sand-lime bricks, curbs, granite, and natural stone.


Easyline block splitters

The latest development is the Easyline. All manually operated block splitters from the Easyline cut 20% lighter and have improved ease of use. With the Easy principle, one hand can easily set the desired cutting height. The galvanized surface of the block splitter ensures that it is damaged less quickly and has an even longer service life.

Standardline block splitters

The Standardline, where the height is adjusted using two spindles can be set, have been ALMI's trusted block splitters since the 1970s. In the past, this line was produced in the well-known ALMI yellow. Nowadays, this line also has an electrolytically galvanized surface, which means that it is damaged less quickly and has an even longer lifespan. As with the Easyline, the carrier plates of the block splitters from the Standardline are also equipped with a ruler and degree division. This makes working with the ALMI block splitters even easier.

Our patents

At ALMI, we always look ahead. That is why we also look at the wishes of the future. Our block cutters have been forerunners in the market for years. Several of our block cutters even have patents, which means that this technology is not available from any other supplier. For example, the technique that allows you to cut 20% lighter with ALMI block cutters has been patented.

Indication version block splitters

You can contact us for many different sizes and designs of block cutters. With the number and the type of designation, you can immediately see which variant it is. The numbers indicate the blade width (in cm). The letter in the name indicates a specific characteristic of the block cutter. See the table below for the designation. With the electro-hydraulic block splitters, we conclude with a number representing the tons' cutting force.

D Version with a fixed support plate for oblique cutting of stones.
S Version with flexibly arranged incisors instead of a fixed blade.
U Version with extra cutting height for cutting large stones.
UT Version with extra cutting height and larger support plates to support large material.
KS Version specially developed for cutting sand-lime brick.
SH Hydraulic version.
SHH Hydraulic version with extra cutting height.
T Stone extractor and table.

Need help choosing a suitable block splitter?

To choose the suitable splitter, the type and size of the stones you wish to cut are especially important. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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