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Tube lasering

Our tube laser machine accurately cuts the complex shape and hole patterns at high speed or shortens your tubes to the desired length. Cutting mitred corners is also no problem for our tube laser machine. Read more about the possibilities of tube lasering in the ALMI machine factory.

The possibilities of tube lasering

Almost anything is possible with tube laser cutting by ALMI. We can process profile, tube, and tube materials in various ways in one setup. We cut your workpiece into any desired shape. Consider, for example, a pin-hole connection. The workpiece is made to fit perfectly using tube laser cutting. The construction is then clicked together for subsequent welding. This makes the production of complex welding jigs superfluous.

Advantages of tube lasering

Tube lasering offers many advantages compared to these conventional methods, such as higher production speed and more accuracy. Our many years of experience and the advanced tube laser machine we use ensure the optimum quality of your product. Thanks to the high cutting speed, we save a lot of time. Moreover, there are no material deformations such as sawing, milling, punching, or drilling.

Laser tube cutting by ALMI

Our tube laser machine is the Adige LT7 Tube Laser                                                                                                                                                            

For cutting the following profiles:

  • Round tube Ø12mm - Ø152.4m
  • Square tube 12mm – 152.4mm
  • Rectangular tube 12mm – 152.4mm
  • Flat oval tube 12mm – 152.4mm
  • U-profile 12mm – 152.4mm
  • C-profile 12mm – 152.4mm
  • Angle iron 12mm – 152.4mm
  • Other profiles on request
  • The maximum input/output length is 6.5m
  • Weight material max 23kg/m


  • Steel up to 8-10mm
  • Stainless steel up to 6mm
  • Aluminum up to 6mm
  • Copper and brass on request

Available options on the machine:   

  • 2.5D or 3D cutting
  • Weld seam detection
  • Marking / Engraving

Would you like to know more about tube lasering by ALMI?

Are you curious whether our tube laser can also make your workpiece into a perfect whole? We are happy to answer all your questions. Please feel free to contact us.

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