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National Gardener Competition

Every year, Koninklijke VHG organizes the National Gardener Competition for secondary vocational education in collaboration with WorldSkills Netherlands, the AOCs, FNV Agrarisch Groen, CNV Vakmensen, Colland Arbeidsmarkt and Sazas, among others. This puts the beautiful gardening profession in the spotlight and young people see how beautiful and versatile the profession of gardening is! The qualifiers have already taken place in November 2023. The final of the NK Gardener 2024 (MBO) took place last week during De Groene Sector Vakbeurs 2024 on January 9, 10 and 11, 2024. Of course, the ALMI block splitter could not be missed during this competition. An AL15-easy was made available to all teams. The participants were able to split a nice piece of baked pavers size with the AL15-easy. The MBO team that became Dutch champions received an AL15-easy. A super nice prize that they were very happy with!

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