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Pipe grinders

Our pipe grinders are ready for years of trouble-free, accurate and fast pipe processing. The solid construction of our pipe grinders ensures a reliable and stable result.  

Advantages of our pipe grinders

ALMI pipe grinders are solidly built. Due to the high speed, hardly any heat and fine dust is released during processing. Because barely any heat is released when processing your tube or profile part, no tarnishing colors are created. Hardly any grinding burrs are created when working with our pipe grinders. And do they arise? Then you can easily grind them away with the built-in deburring table. You can easily and quickly change grinding rollers without tools. In this way, you work accurately and with maximum efficiency.

Multifunctional system

Our pipe grinders have multiple functions thanks to their handy design. After grinding profiles and tubes, they can be deburred on the handy deburring table at the top or rear of the machine. The lever-operated pipe grinders are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed employees. A simple operation can replace the lever with a hand wheel.

ALMI High Speed 2 in 1

The AL150HS is the latest development. A 2 in 1 machine: belt sander and pipe grinder in one. This machine has a unique transmission that brings the belt speed to 45 meters per second. As a result, grinding is up to three times faster, and the sanding belt lasts three times longer than other pipe grinders. This machine is suitable for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel and plastics.

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