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AL 150HS

The AL150HS is a 2 in 1 machine; belt sander and pipe grinder in one. This machine has a unique transmission that brings the belt speed to 45 meters per second. As a result, you can grind three times faster, and the sanding belt has up to 3 times longer life than other pipe grinders. This machine is suitable for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel and plastics.

ALMI pipe grinders offer added value through the certainty of years of problem-free, accurate and fast pipe processing. Because ALMI pipe grinders are sold worldwide, this proves the guarantee of excellent quality products. ALMI also strives for the continuity of product development processes and innovations. To provide you with the latest and best-developed pipe grinders at all times.

Weight 275 kg
Motor 4KW
Voltages 230V 3F 400V 3F of 460V 3F
Belt speed 45 meter p/sec./4300 rpm
Belt size 150x2000 mm
Grinding diameters 20,0 / 114,3 mm
Grinding angle 20° - 90°
Operation Lever and handwheel operation
Dimensions 1450x1260x900 mm

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