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Pipe notchers

Our pipe notchers provide the correct recess quickly and efficiently, where pipes and profiles must be welded together at an angle of 90°. You can use our pipe notchers for various types of pipe and profile materials such as gas, steam, stainless steel and non-ferrous.

Pipe notchers for various connections

Our pipe notchers are also suitable for making double-corner connections. ALMI also supplies a notcher for notching a zinc outlet in round and rectangular tubes. This means that no double processing is necessary, and you can immediately use the recess to create the cavity for the zinc outlet.

The advantages of our pipe notchers

Our pipe notchers offer many advantages. We guarantee high productivity thanks to the light notching technique and the quick and easy operation. With one pipe notcher, you can process several diameters of pipes. When developing our pipe notchers, we prioritize the choice of high-quality materials. As a result, your pipe notcher has an excellent service life.

Further development of our pipe notchers

The pipe notchers are an original ALMI invention. Product development and innovation are very important to us. We always want to offer our customers the latest techniques and developments. Therefore, we work daily on improving our pipe notchers and optimizing the methods. The result is reliable and top quality.

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