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AL 1-2E

AL 1-2E

ALMI is known as the inventor of the pipe notcher. In industries where pipes and profiles are welded together at an angle of 90°, ALMI pipe notchers provide the right recess extremely quickly and precisely. This applies to gas, steam, stainless steel, non-ferrous pipe and profile materials.

Weight 87 kg
Tube diameter 26,9 mm / ¾", 33,7 mm / 1", 42,4 mm / 1,¼", 48,3 mm / 1,½", 60,3 mm / 2"
Sink outflow No
Electrically powered 230/400/575 Volt
Maximum wall thickness 5 mm steel / 3 mm stainless steel

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Brochure ALMI pipe grinders and pipe notchers.pdf

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