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Pipe grinders and pipe notchers from ALMI ensure the correct recess at almost any desired angle. Choose from various pipe grinders and pipe notchers suitable for different diameters and pipe thicknesses. We are happy to help you make the best choice.

ALMI pipe grinders

With our pipe grinders, you can make stable and accurate recesses in pipe parts for, among other things, fences, frames, bullbars and other pipe constructions. Our pipe grinders grind out any desired material without any problems. With the built-in deburring table, you can immediately finish the pipe section neatly for welding.

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ALMI pipe notchers

Our pipe notchers are indispensable for making recesses at an angle of 90°. You can also use our pipe notchers to make double-corner connections. For applications requiring a zinc outlet, we even offer pipe notchers that directly make a recess for the zinc outlet.

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ALMI motor-driven pipe notchers

With our electrically driven pipe notchers, you can make your work even easier. These pipe notchers are also suitable for thicker pipe material that cannot be processed manually. As with our non-electrically driven pipe notchers, these machines are suitable for various pipe diameters and materials.

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